Company Overview

ApplicInt was founded in 2003 to provide better automation and technology for all aspects of the Insurance and Financial Services Industry. Using a business model that has defined ApplicInt as a technology partner rather than a technology company, ApplicInt has worked with insurance carriers, distributors, call centers and paramedical vendors to implemented intelligent and innovative interoperable solutions, customized to meet the unique products and business processes of each client.

Our unique application solutions have been used by a growing list of carriers, brokers, TPAs, paramedical companies and banks to increase revenue and dramatically reduce the cost of new customer acquisition for their life, health, LTC, disability, annuity, and mutual fund products.

In response to the increased complexity of the insurance sales and underwriting process, ApplicInt has automated the information collection process. Whether you are an agent, carrier, call center representative, consumer or examiner, ApplicInt solutions are utilized by our partners for the Life Insurance application digital point of sales and fulfillment end-to-end process with the data transmitted to the carrier in-good-order, which significantly decreases cycle time and ultimately results in placing more business.

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