Michael L. Feroah, Sr.

Michael L. Feroah is a Biologist and Chemist by education, who spent his early years working in a variety of positions with scientific instrument, laboratory robotics and biotechnology companies. Through a chance meeting with a friend, Mike was asked to develop technology and automation systems for an emerging direct marketer of life insurance, SelectQuote. Mike’s SelectQuote association developed into a joint venture (SelectTech) and with Mike ultimately becoming the CTO. SelectQuote grew to become the largest direct marketing of life insurance in the United States, today having gone public and being valued at nearly $3B.

After leaving SelectQuote in 2003, Mike co-founded ApplicInt with a mission to fully automate the life insurance application process.  Specifically, to improve the process, enhance interconnectivity and reduce the cost of the life insurance applications by ensuring that all information required for all types of life insurance applications is delivered to the Carrier, at the moment the application is received. ApplicInt is the only technology that connects all the critical parties in the application process, from the proposed insured, to the Agent, to the data sources, service providers and Carriers.

Since 2003, ApplicInt has developed a proprietary digital paramed application (ExamComplete), a drop ticket platform (ExpressComplete), a call center application (CallComplete), a consumer self-fulfillment platform (UComplete) and many additional solutions that allow insurance companies to utilize Pharma data much sooner in the information collection process, utilize automated underwriting systems (AUS) in field and call center data collection processes, resolve the time service issue of medical records requiring a Special Authorization, and many other technology solutions. ApplicInt provides these solutions to over 40 insurance carriers and vendors in the insurance industry.

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